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Monday, December 06, 2004

Battle system & messages

Just finished the base battle system. I made some few monsters as neutral(move random), aggresive(get close to you) and hostile(neutral but when you go 4 tiles near become aggresive).
When enemy's hp(hit points) zeroes it dies. I can't upload a schot right now.
Also I finally made messages functions, 8 last messages will appear down of gamescreen.
I could make even more but I had to fix a lot of bugs(hours spending to understand that I was using a unit as a unit_type)
Anyway things are going fast now,soon the hero will pick/drop/use weapons and in few days my friends will play it.
Battle system:
Hero attacks
int hit=hero.dexterity+.combat_skill+.equiped_weapon.hit;
int damage=hero.strenght+.combat_skill+.equiped_weapon.damage;
int ac=creature.speed+.level;
if (dice(hit)>dice(ac)
Monster attack hero
int hit=creature.speed+.level;
int damage=creature.damage+.level;
if (dice(hit)>dice(ac)


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