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Monday, February 07, 2005

Praying to gods

It looks that from now on the latest version(like 0.4.5) will be available in friend Ethaniel's homepage(files) ,at least until papaki homepage is uploaded.
There are some things to fix too but it's time to add the basic gods, when you pray there will be 5-10 gods to choose. Selecting a god there is a chance that you will be heared,so you will a list of spells to cast, these spells are given from the specific god. There are 9 main gods and 9 small gods that you can find in game. Every god follow an order, these are the combinations(9):
lawful good,lawful neutral,lawful evil,neutral good,true neutral,neutral evil,chaotic good,chaotic neutral,chaotic evil.
Smalls gods also follow an order, so if you accept an small god with same order with an excisting, the old will be replaced from the new one. Small gods may be saints(good), demons(evil), nymphs(neutral) and others...
When you pray your order will be used for the selection of proper gods, if your goodness or law is same with a god,then he/she is added in the available list. The problem is that there aren't ennough spells, but don't worry,I'll make them fast. So..just wait..


  • At 6:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    So far so good.
    After endless hours of playing PAPAKI v. 0.4.5 it seems to have no bugs.
    Some of the characters like gnome or so, have no starting items. Humans although have weapon and armor from the beginning. I thing that all characters should have the same things on the beginning.
    Please make the game to save the progress.

    Keep programming...


  • At 2:11 AM, Blogger vasilis said…

    that is fixed,all races have standar starting items without extras.


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