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Monday, February 28, 2005

0.5.0 save game finally

You can now save the game and continue another time. I was bored to update log and manual so I'll write everything here:
1)fixed another bug with items
2)almost dead monsters become red
3)game autosaves if quit, if next time choose same name it will be loaded, in death save file is not deleted so there is no permament death(I'm still learning io file commands)
4)level is increased and displayed
5)NPCs can pick items from the ground
1-9 move
w automove(walk)
R or w5 Rest
r Read scroll
d Drink potion
a Attack(autoattack at enemies,autochat at neutrals)
c Close door(autoopen)
S view Skills
q Quit game(autosave)
m view wordmap
Thing to do:
1) make NPCs defend themselves and their allies
2)add many artifacts
3)make items destroy or loose during game
4)more Skills
5)abilities for all races
6)some abilities for monsters
7)spells,the more the best
8)tutorial quest "save my dauther"
9)bazzar,vault rooms and the town


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