PAPAKI (roguelike project)

It's the news about the Papaki roguelike game.

Thursday, November 18, 2004


I have finally choosen the name;
Does look good? I'll explain what it means sometime...
A first shot :)

Map arrays

These are the arrays used to represent the map;
char wmap[WMAP_X][WMAP_Y];
//WMAP_X,WMAP_Y are dimensions of world map.Each element represents an area and shows the type of this area. -> #define _plains '.'; #define _forest '&';
char tiles[AREA_X][AREA_Y];
//This array is part of class Area...when an area is visited for first time(or has been removed from the hero memory), is generated with tiles(+items+creatures) according to the type,for example if the new area is in position {2,3} of the WorldMap then type=wmap[2][3];

I try to do this game something really special, character attributes shall remain trully attributes of the character. A good example to explain this is attribute WISDOM;if there is a dilema of uncertain choices, the wise or foolish choice will be of the character,i mean that the player will choose randomly but WISDOM determines the right choice.
Same as MEMORY,I want to use this attribute at many occations including areas;MEMORY gives more areas to be remembered.When hero has some turns to revisit a place, it may be regenarated again(that means that the character has forgotten how this place really was), but more MEMORY will prevent that.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Something new

Unfortunatly i spend less time for the project than i expected, but some progress is made.
Just tested item and creature arrays.
As far as screenshots and some source is the easiest thing to show, and may upload another version in VB that i gave up.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

It works!

After few days in c++ i managed to make it work. Player can move at directions and change areas. The first tiles used are grass,tree & chaos(bordet type,used as edge of the world). Soon I will make spawn for items & creatures as pick&drop commands ;)