PAPAKI (roguelike project)

It's the news about the Papaki roguelike game.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Things get better

Its very funny to find out that programming is easier than it used to be. I remember the last year where I was spending hours to add new functions and work properly, but now in a few minutes I can add a new feature which wasn't at the earlier versions of the game. Maybe its because things are still simple in the source, maybe.
Today I made some functions for better usage at output and added more files for loading(races, monsters,mapsets*,tilesets) , menu screen added too.
*another version of tileset for the world generator

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Map generators on progress

More and more ideas are coming to my mind and the development crawls slowly but yesterday i made some good things for the maps. The console size will be 80x25 characters so it can be played at win98 finally( are there still users with win98? ) and "camera" focus in the area of the hero, areas now are only 15x15 tiles and are linked so good like a continious map :)
I was also wandering... do you want me to make a small rl just for a little game fun, or are you patient for the "GREAT" game?