PAPAKI (roguelike project)

It's the news about the Papaki roguelike game.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

084 version for you

Here is finally a (somehow) playable version of the game:
Sorry I do not have the manual ready while there is much work to do.

Papaki 0.8.4

1-9 move
5 rest for some turns
W wilderness mode
e equip weapons/armor
i inventory
u use item (drink/eat)
f fling a missile(Missile and maybe Weapon slot must be filled)
s search for secret doors
g get item
c close near doors
Q quit game
l look
m show maps
M last messages
C say something(useless :p)
S view your skills

When the game begins, equip your sword with 'e' command,you can enter the dungeon or walk around finding other tombs.
Best way to travel is 'W' at roads.
You can loot humanoid corpses for varius items.

Known bugs:
Some monsters do absolutely nothing until you get close
Various graphic layouts