PAPAKI (roguelike project)

It's the news about the Papaki roguelike game.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back from the holiday

The last few days I was to parents home, away from studies and pc, but I took the @ notebook and designed how would be drawn a city.
Yesterday I was fixing some bugs about the roads. A system of wide roads unite the big world where the cities will be found, but other smaller road paths will lead to small towns/villages.
I have now to make the fuctions for the rivers before uploading a screenshot about them.
As for the range attack system I have still not decided if missiles will be set up in 'equipment' menu or else.
I have to study these days so the version I guess will be complete about at 15 of month.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ideas for corpses

I had a conversation with friend Ethaniel about interaction with corpses.
The first thing we agreed (and already added in the game) is [loot] command that will replace [pick] for humanoid corpses. With [loot] your character searches the inventory of the dead and drop all items in the same tile.
Other options for beast corpses is [gut] and [skin], with [gut] you may find items eaten from the dead monster while [skin] will give you some valuable items like fur, fangs, eyes(for alchemy maybe).
Propably I will give all available options for beast corpses and let only [loot] for humanoids.
And as for small corpses they may give you only one item(like 'bat wings' for bats)

Right now I am working at range attacks(targeting, animation, throwers ...), and after determing the main item categories i will work on corpses.
Any comments?

Friday, October 10, 2008

081 with some shots

Hi, I am here to say that 081 is done. I forgot to bring the version file so I'll write what I remember;
New features; inventory, equipment, pick/drop/equip items, loot corpse, save/load game

In the following screenshots youll see how the game looks for now, there is no work done with the map(only plains and forests). You will see that corpses cannot be picked but you loot them and maybe some items are revealed. And forgive me for my bad english, "cap" means "hat".

I'd like to read from you what you liked or disliked about the layout of the game.
And if you are not bored, what kind of monsters and items youd like to see in the first playable vaersion, it wont take too long to release i think.
The last 2 days I played Zapata's rls CastlevaniaRL & Drash, Adom and 2 other games I don't even remeber their names,and I think that some things should be more simpla in me game too, and see how to give fun with less.

for 082;
look, fire, throw, advance map generator, a beggining text, fix messages

simpler new game selection(step by step like adom)
change "[name]" to "You" at messages

ok.Cya after Monday.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

0.8.0 is done!

Yes! Finally the first version of the game is done. But It will be closed, I will not release any test version for at least a month. These are the features added;

0.8.0 hidd 1/10/2008
Executable 499kb Source 54 files, 96.6kb code
Features: melee combat, minimap, tilesets, world generator, stats, line of sight, basic AI, monsters, visible list, bodyparts, messages
Commands: move, attack, walk, travel, say

Now, I am working at 0.8.1, logically it will be done this Friday, in a few days I will upload some screenshots too. Versions for download and testing will not be available yet, sorry. Cya